Driven by our concern for the quality, consistency and drinkability of the products delivered to our customers, their well-being, and to the neighborhood vitality intrinsic to Skagway, Alaska and the Northern Way of Life, The Klondike Brewing Company:


WELCOMES all within our doors and invites those twenty-one years of age and older to enjoy in the World’s perfect beverage, Beer.


RECOGNIZES the importance of the responsible experience, moderation and the dutiful dedication to our employees: We aim to present the gold standard, representative of the Klondike name.


EXECUTES a philosophy that best in class products come from best in class ingredients, methods and protocols.  As such, we choose to patronize those that feel and execute the same.


COMPREHENDS the dependence upon outside partners in sustaining the Northern Way of Life.  Our goal is to facilitate commerce that perpetuates positive economic, environmental and social effects within the Borough of Skagway, the Communities of the Inside Passage, and the State of Alaska.


BELIEVES that the lure of the North is different for all however, it is the beauty that compels those to revisit in their memory, return, and for those lucky to call Alaska home, remain.  Our dedication to the beauty found in the Skagway Valley is no different than the dedication we have to great beer and those who enjoy it.


To and Fro, Klondike Ho!

To the Adventurer!
To the Excursionist!

To the Pioneer!